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Plant Growth and Development

 Ph.D-  (2 Cr.)


Some Special Aspects of Plant Growth and Development

* Special Features of Plant Development

* Cell Wall, Cell Division, and Cell Growth

* Embryogenesis

* Determination, Differentiation, and Dedifferentiation in Plants.

Hormonal Regulation of Developmental and Physiological Processes

* Uptake and Transport of Hormones

* Apical Dominance and Some Other Phenomena Illustrating Correlative Effects of Hormones

* Hormonal Regulation of Cell Division and Cell Growth

* Abscisic Acid and Stress Tolerance in Plants

* Vegetative Storage Proteins, Tuberization, Senescence, and Abscission.

Environmental Regulation of Plant Growth

* Photoperception and Signaling

* Tropic and Non tropic Responses to Environmental Signals




Grading Policy: 



Semester I (Fall).

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